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Boyfriend Survives Entire Sunday of Apple Picking

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Local boyfriend, Tony Westjet, has shown true heroism by surviving and entire day with his girlfriend at an apple picking farm. Westjet was convinced the trip would be an hour, hour and a half max, event with a few apples being bought, maybe some cider, and enough time to get home to relax before heading to work the next day. Unfortunately Westjet was completely blindsided by the actual amount of work needed to attend an apple farm.

“Hell, I thought we’d grab a basket, fill it up and get the hell out of there. Who wants to be on a farm for more than twenty minutes. Honestly, isn’t that the reason we all stopped farming and go to the grocery store instead?”

Westjet’s girlfriend Maria was less interested in leaving the farm. “She wanted to do everything. We literally watched some guy make apple juice for like 45 minutes.”

Thankfully for Westjet, Maria saw how committed he was to making her happy. “He didn’t punch a wall or a tree once. He did do some heavy sighing between hour 3 and 4 but he got over it when I promised I’d blow him when we got home. Fortunately for me, the day had worn him out so much, he passed out before he could get it up. No big deal, I guess, I was going to half-ass it anyway then pretend like I had a headache.”

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