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Buckingham Palace Gets Renovation, Queen Enjoys Pool & WiFi at Motel 6

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<em>(Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)</em>

Buckingham Palace has plans for a renovation in the near future and many are wondering where the Queen will go? Thankfully, Queen Elizabeth II is not one to make a fuss and has already reserved a room at a local Motel 6.

“We find it so great that our Queen is happy to have tea time just a short gaunt away from the ice machine,” reported one of the Queen’s closest assistants. “and if she needs a snack, the vending machine has Butterfingers for only one pound.”

The Queen was unable to comment when we called, as the guests next store were in the middle of a pretty awful fight that led to  some wall-shaking makeup sex. And, though we were told the Queen was enjoying the WiFi that Motel 6 offered, she only purchased two hours worth of the internet and was unable to respond to our emails.