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Caitlyn Jenner Got Catcalled on ESPY’s Red Carpet by A-Rod

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(Photo by Getty / Kevin Winter)

(Photo by Getty / Kevin Winter)

The ESPY’s are usually a night full of athletes dressing ridiculously for a TV show and pretending they have a sense of humor. In that setting, Caitlyn Jenner barely raised an eyebrow on the red carpet, except for Alex Rodriguez, who caught a glimpse of the sixty-five year-old transgender sensations’ flowing white Versace gown and thought, “I’ll do something creepy.”

It was a quick whistle which caused Caitlyn Jenner to turn away from an interview, to see A-Rod smiling and almost blurt out the phrase, “looking good mami!” before he was punched in the chest by his publicist and rushed inside.

Caitlyn handled it with grace, and stated, “Honestly, I was hoping it was Derek Jeter. This is just one more reason to hate A-Rod, right?”

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