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Californians Obliged to Embrace New ‘No-Water’ Diet Craze

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(Photo by Getty / Stefan Gosatti)

California is being taken by storm – not literally, unfortunately – but by a new diet craze. Dehydration detox, otherwise known as the ‘No Water Diet’ is the latest diet trend sweeping the West Coast. This simple diet, which is completely necessary, is adored for its straight-forward rules.

How does it work? Easy! First, move to California. If you already live there, great! Then, limit yourself to zero glasses of water a day. It’s simple to do, because there’s no water to be had anyway!

“I love the way it makes me feel in the morning,” said one seriously dehydrated Californian, “That’s if I do wake up in the morning.”

The ‘No Water Diet’ is especially trendy with celebrities who are always looking for a way to drop a few pounds. “The first couple days are tough,” said a William Morris agent who represents some of the biggest acts, like Tara Reid and the oldest child from Malcom in the Middle (we all forget his name). “It’s by the third or fourth day that the pounds start to really slip off. Because you’re dead.”

Will Dehydration Detox stick around, or will it go the way of the Southbeach and Atkins diets? Only time will tell!