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Carson Proves Black Republicans Just As Racist As White Republicans

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“I hate any group that hates groups”


Ben Carson at Rally

Credit: Sean Rayford/Getty Images

In a stunning interview conducted on NBC’s Meet the Press this last week, Ben Carson, Republican presidential hopeful, said, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.” Proving once and for all that Black Republicans are just as racist as white Republicans.

“It was really up in the air for a minute there,” said GOP leader John Boehner. “We weren’t sure if a black Republican would finally help people see a less bigoted side of the Republican Party.” Boehner laughed, “Thankfully, he pulled through and proved he’s just as awful as all of us. Which is great, now we can get back to normal day activities, which is nothing. We just sit around hatin’ on things, really wasting taxpayers dollars we we pretend to want to reduce, it’s great!”

Carson refused to apologize for his statement, “I don’t regret what I said,” he wrote in a statement posted on his LiveJournal. “I do, however, regret saying it half-intelligently. It’s unlike the GOP to create quotes that are coherent. If I had another chance, I’d state less cleary, ‘Ain’t no Muslim should be allowed in the White House unless you want Al Quaeda (sic) coming to your door and asking to borrow yur (sic) guns then shooting a baby for a towel.’ That’s what I should have said.”

While the statement has caused controversy, Ben Carson is still somehow a high contender for president, just behind a man who agrees with his voters that Obama is a Muslim, and a woman who definitely hates women.

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