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CEO Who Instituted Minimum Salary of 70k can Only Afford One BMW Now

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CEO Dan Price who gave every employee a $70,000 salary struggles to afford his second luxury car

(Photo by Getty / YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / Twitter / CNBC)

(Photo by Getty / YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / Twitter / CNBC)

The CEO has claimed that the company is struggling to make end’s meet. “You see, the trouble is some people don’t really deserve $70,000 a year. Like Jeff. Jeff is the worst.” Price said about a recent hire Jeff (no last name available). “He only comes in one day a week to water the ficus here. I honestly don’t know how he got the job, and 70k is kind of a lot to water a plant, if you ask me.” As he pointed to a potted plant, Jeff said, “look here — the plant is dead.”

That’s not the only trouble for Dan Price. While the company struggles, so does he. “I can only afford one BMW right now. It’s the nicest model, but still, I like to have two: one in black and one in midnight blue.” Price reduced his own salary from $1 million a year to help pay all of his employees. He’s also renting out the guest house to his pool house to his mansion. “It’s tough, sometimes I can see the guest in the guest house of my pool house of my mansion come outside and it really bothers me, you know? I’m trying to watch a movie in my personal theatre here. Go away!”

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