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Chicago Cubs Caught Trying to Deflate Baseballs

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chicago cubs try to deflate balls

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

NEW YORK, NY – In terms of difficulty, the MLB disciplinary board got a hanging curve right over the plate this week.

While on camera, a Chicago Cubs manager was seen trying to gain an unfair advantage by tampering with baseballs. That’s a problem for the Cubs. The other problem: he was trying to deflate them.

“We saw that Tim Brandy doing it and figured something was working for that guy,” said Cubs manager Skip Tripman. When asked why he was trying to do so while his team was batting—a seemingly bad time for soft baseballs—Skip admitted they “didn’t really have the plan ironed out just yet.”

The disciplinary board is expected to take a hard line on the organization due to the fact that they were just here in 2013 after being caught wearing cleats with wheels hidden in them.