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Child Bragging About Hot Dogs for Breakfast Doesn’t Realize Family is Poor

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(Photo by iStock / Marc Dufresne / 4FR)

(Photo by iStock / Marc Dufresne / 4FR)

During a recent lunch period at John Rurah Elementary school, 1st grader Krystal Daltry bragged to classmates that she eats hotdogs for every meal, without realizing her family could not afford better food.

Daltry, age 7, began the period by mocking a classmate whose lunch consisted of fresh fruits and unprocessed ingredients. The boy she was picking on, whose parents are still together and both employed, began crying after classmates started calling him “carrot breath.”

Daltry later went on to boast about other sad things that are no doubt harming her development, saying “mommy never makes me wear a seatbelt” and “Daddy’s house is always filled with funny smelling smoke. It looks spooky!”
Daltry told reporters she was excited to be cool for a few more years, before she and her classmates become aware of the rigid, American socio-economic hierarchy and everyone starts relentlessly mocking her hand me down clothes and inability to buy cool new toys.