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Child with Cancer Just Fishing for Facebook Likes

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Enough already!

Friends of Cynthia Palmer have grown tired of what they consider to be her excessive social media posting since her 7 year old daughter, Daisy, was stricken with cancer.

Since Daisy was diagnosed with lymphoma six months ago, she and her mother began posting video to updates for friends and family every two weeks, but, lately, the frequency of those videos has picked up, and that doesn’t sit well with some of Cynthia Palmer’s Facebook friends.

“Lately it’s been every day with a new video. Some of them are cool ‘cause Cynthia’s wearing like yoga pants or whatever, but come on, how often do I have to see a bald little girl on my news feed? ” complained Franky Alston, who went to college with Cynthia Palmer before he dropped out after half a semester.

The amount of attention Palmer’s posts garnered also struck a chord with the Jiffy Lube employee “A video of me doing butterfly knife tricks barely gets 3 likes, but Daisy lip synching a Taylor Swift song, gets 250? How is that fair?”

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