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Chinese Scientists Created Genetically Engineered Dog Specifically for Internet Memes… and It’s Adorable!

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These Uberpups are Ubercute!


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China has done it again! First they made insanely muscular dogs that scare the hell out of us, and now they’ve engineered a dog to always stay in puppy form, with the head of a chihuahua, body of a French bulldog, and the tail of a poodle. They specifically made this dog so people could make really hilarious internet memes.

The puppy is already taking the internet by storm!



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You got it, pup! Mondays, indeed! Wow China finally did something right! This puppy can’t lose!

puupy 02

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LOL That’s so true puppy! Man thank goodness we have dogs to communicate all of our feelings!

This Chinese invention is only available in China right now, but soon this new breed of dog will be available worldwide for people to own and take photos of specifically to build their klout.

The dog itself is a medical disaster. It cannot eat, as it does not have an anus. It bleeds from the eyes when sleeping, and only lives for about 3 weeks before it’s fur and skin peels off.

But hey…


puppy 03

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That’s f*cking gold.

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