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Clinton Proposes Debt-Free College Aptly Named, “The Bernie Sanders Plan”

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“I thought this up all on my own!”

(Photo by Getty / Mark Wilson / Kevork Djansezian )

(Photo by Getty / Mark Wilson / Kevork Djansezian )

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner for a presidential run introduced a bold new, totally original idea for debt-free tuition at public colleges which she has named, “The Bernie Sanders Plan.”

The plan, which Clinton has said was totally her idea, and there was no other Democrat that also happens to be running for president that proposed a similar plan months ago. “No way, this was my plan all along. Really, I can’t believe no one knew this is what I wanted to do from the start. I didn’t tell you? It must have slipped my mind.”

As to why she might have called the proposal, “The Bernie Sanders Plan,” Clinton suggested she liked the way the name rolled off the tongue.

When asked if it had anything to do with her biggest competition for the Democratic ticket, Bernie Sanders, she replied, “Oh — is someone else running for President? I thought I already won. Am I mistaken?” She then pulled out blueprints to show her colleagues proposed changes to the White House she’s calling, “The Michelle Obama plan”.

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