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CNN Spots More Terrorists At Gay Pride Parades

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CNN this weekend reported on a spotting of an ISIS flag at a gay pride parade in London. Though the flag turned out not to be an ISIS flag and, instead, a parody of the flag using sex toys for the lettering. That didn’t stop CNN from investigating further and finding several other terrorists and their symbols throughout several pride parades.

fake isis

(Photo by instagram /jax11ister)


Here are the terrorists CNN found at pride parades.


Al Queenda


(Photo by JOSH EDELSON / Getty)

This terrorist, dressed in black, also wore his ceremonial red wig which represents the terrorist group Al Queenda. CNN caught this man about to step on a big violation as part of the Patriot Act.

Flower Bomber

gay terrorist

(Photo by Getty / Neilson Barnard )

This terrorist is part of the Flower Society which terrors people allergic to pollen. They flower bomb public places, which causes massive sneezing and potential airborne diseases like the common cold.