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Colts Somehow Blame Deflated Balls for Worst Play in History

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Source: Twitter: @Crad_2016

After attempting what many are calling the “worst play in football history,” noted organization of cry-babies, the Indianapolis Colts, filed an official complaint with the National Football League in which they blamed their horrible attempt at a trick play on the New England Patriots deflating balls, last season.

Colts owner and CEO Jim Irsay was quoted as saying “Do you really think that would’ve happened if the Patriots weren’t cheaters? I mean come on, why would anyone in their right mind run a trick play like that if the Patriots hadn’t deflated balls in a game that happened 8 months ago?”

When reporters asked Irsay—a spoiled brat who’s never worked for anything but instead inherited his wealth—to clarify what he meant, he refused, and instead drove home drunk.

At press time, the Colts organization was proposing a new “do over” rule to the NFL Competition committee. The rule, if approved, would allow each team a chance to repeat a play, in the event that they run a fake punt that looks like it was designed by a toddler who’s never heard of football.

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