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Columbia House Emerges From Y2K Bunker to File for Bankruptcy

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Columbia House on sale for just one penny!

(Photo by shutterstocl / creative commons)

(Photo by shutterstocl / creative commons)

Columbia House, the subscription service for CDs, DVDs, and all things out of date slowly emerged from its Y2K bunker this morning. The company had to file for bankruptcy after its last customer stopped sending in checks.

“We’d been waiting for over two weeks for Mr. Ulrich’s check and it never came,” said owner of Columbia House, a nameless man with a white beard and one eye. “I decided, hell, I better come out of this bunker and see what kind of shape the world was in anyway. I haven’t seen my kids in 15 years, and I promised I’d take them to an N’Sync concert!”

Columbia House’s decline started with the coming of the digital age, one thing that the old man knew nothing about. “Digital? Like my watch?” he asked, “All I know if computers are pretty darn evil, they caused this whole Y2K mess. Thankfully my Windows 98 has been going strong. No need for an update on that sturdy machine.”

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