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Conjoined Twins Accepted to Different Universities

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Siamese twins accepted to two different universities

(Photo by Mario Tama / Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

PINEHILL, IL – Katie and Sadie Williams have been joined at the hip since birth. Literally.

The twin girls were born sharing a pelvis and decided against the risky surgery that would separate the two.

The unflappable girls made the most of their rare condition by dominating 1-on-1 Ping-Pong tournaments and wrestling matches. But once Sadie realized it was impossible for teachers to stop one from cheating off the other, her grades began slipping.

Now as their senior years come to a close, Katie and Sadie are attending different colleges. Just how that’s going to work — they don’t know.

“I mean, she barely studied at all and I totally carried us in Ping-Pong,” said Katie Williams. Unfortunately, because Sadie’s head is permanently 1-foot away from Katie’s, she heard entire conversation and a strange fight broke out between the two.

Authorities “broke up” the fight as best they could and charged both with disturbing the peace.

Even with tensions high between the two, Mr. and Mrs. Williams remain confident they can come together and reach some agreement about their educational futures.

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