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Cosby Disgusted By Comedian Who Lied About 9/11

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“How could a comedian commit such a terrible act?”


bill cosby and steve rannazziski

Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images (L); David A. Smith/Getty Images (R)

What’s worse than a comedian being an alleged serial rapist for five decades? Well, lying about escaping one of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 apparently comes the closest.

It’s at least close enough that “The League” star Steve Ranazzisi has taken the most punchlined spot from Bill Cosby this week. From the New York Times to TMZ, Ranazzisi’s fake fantastical tale of working in one of the World Trade Center towers on Sept 11 was worthy of a Forrest Gump sequel.

After Cosby and his PR people breathed a gargantuan sigh of relief, he commenced being a blowhard. “Comedians now have to use the swear words, and the microphone as a penis and the lying about the 9/11. It’s really disgusting to watch it. Makes me miss the old days, when I used to just lie about being a Doctor. I’ll tell you the truth, I didn’t even graduate from high school,” Cosby said. “He should really be ashamed of himself. I mean if I had been lying about doing something that despicable for over 15 years, that would make me a real psychopath.”

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