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Cosby to Testify As Long As Everyone Tries his ‘Special Lemonade’

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You put the lemons in the water and zibity bop!

(Photo by Getty / Ethan Miller)

(Photo by Getty / Ethan Miller)

The California Supreme Court is clearing the way for one of the sexual misconduct cases against Bill Cosby, which means Cosby may need to testify in the near future.

While Cosby’s defense is doing everything they can to prevent this from happening, Cosby himself has another plan. The well-known comedian has said he’ll testify as long as everyone in the court tries his special homemade lemonade.

“You drink up the lemon-y bobity goodness and it goes down in your stomach and it gives you that uhm-uhm-uhm flavor burst. That satissssfaction!” Cosby said.

Many, however, are weary of Cosby’s special drink. Upon seeing the drink, there was plenty of undissolved white powder floating in the drink. “A bailiff tried the drink and seemed to like it, but ended up going home because he felt woozy,” admitted one of the prosecutors. “Guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if we should trust Cosby on this one. I’d sure like to get a testimony.”

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