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Couple on Escalator Pick Totally Inappropriate Time to Argue 

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This could not be more inconvenient.

couple arguing on an escalator

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After a post-work dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, engaged couple Mike Dylan and Melissa Saratoga, chose the worst possible moment to begin an argument at the Ridgedale Mall, in Minnetonka, Minneapolis. The two were choosing anniversary gifts for each other when they encountered the other on the opposite ends of an escalator.

Melissa was headed down, after deciding to try PacSun to see if there were any sweet bracelets that Mike might like, while Mike was headed up the escalator in search of a Gamestop (which was unfortunately not located in the mall). As they passed each other, a grimace from Mike sparked frustration within Melissa. “What is it now?” she asked.

“This place is a f*cking maze,” he told her innocuously.

Unfortunately, Melissa did not seem pleased with the comment and projected back to him, “You should have gone home if you’re having such a crappy time!”

Mike then shouted, “You forced me here! Do you think I want to walk around with these fat cows feeding out a Cinnabon trough?!”

The argument could only last the length of the escalator at which point both stormed away, unintentionally avoiding each other for another hour before Mike called Melissa’s cellphone and told her he was waiting in the car for her to come out.

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