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Crazy Peeing Positions That Every Guy Has To Try Out

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Hey men. Guys! Dudes!Bros! Isn’t peeing in the morning the worst, amirite??

You know why, that ol’ morning wood. You wake up in the morning and “hello stranger” there’s a big stiffy poking you in the eye. Well, maybe not in the eye, but it certainly is annoying… ESPECIALLY when you need to pee.

Thankfully, we have some amazing solutions for you!

how to pee with morning wood


Easy solutions!

See the best solutions to morning wood peeing!

The Superman

peeing with morning wood


Now, make sure to grab a cape and plank your toilet seat. This might be tough if you have walls close to your toilet, so knock out your walls or put your toilet in your living room. Why not?

The Tube

peeing with morning wood


Yep, rather than waiting 10 minutes or so for your flagpole friend to settle down, stick a tube up your peehole!