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Dads Taking Smelfies Will Make You Proud to Be a Tough Mom

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Dads act tough, they look mean, and when it’s time to put a foot down they’re usually the ones to do it. But it’s all a facade and it’s proven by these selfies…or what Dads are calling smelfies.

These Dads are proving that they’re not all cracked up to be by taking photos with their baby’s smelly diapers. Sure, we can applaud the effort of changing the diaper for once, but Moms have been smelling that crap for months (if not years), so don’t think too highly of yourselves, Dads!


Source: Twitter @wilff_haskett; @adamhillscomedy;@papade1ra

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smelfie -

Source: Twitter @wilff_haskett

What do you think is in that diaper Mr. Dad? It’s not going to kill you!

What’s over there?


Source: Twitter @adamhillscomedy

This baby has no time to smell that diaper, throw it away, Dad!