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Dallas Cowboys Surprised Domestic Abuser is Kind of A Jerk

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hardy is a jerk

Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys defensive end, Greg Hardy, was seen screaming and shoving members of the Cowboys’ team and coaching staff in the 4th quarter of yesterday’s loss to the Giants. The Cowboys organization was reportedly surprised by that kind of behavior from a man with a history of brutally, physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend during a domestic dispute.

One member of the organization, who preferred to remain anonymous, couldn’t believe Hardy was “being kind of a jerk,” during last night’s game.

“I know things get tense in football, especially during a tough loss, but I would have never expected a man who choked his girlfriend and threw her onto a pile of guns while threatening to kill her to show such anger towards his teammates.”

Special teams coach Rich Bisaccia was especially affected, as Hardy was seen slapping at Bisaccia’s clipboard during the incident. “For one of my own players to put his hands on me, I couldn’t believe it. I felt violated. Greg treated me like I was his girlfriend or something. That kind of behavior is unacceptable.”

For their part, Cowboy’s fans saw no trouble with Hardy’s actions. One man, going only as “Ray Ray” told reporters he “ain’t care at all” what Hardy did in his “free time” as long as he “keeps getting them sacks.” Mr. Ray then blew cigarette smoke into the face of an infant he saw wearing a Philadelphia Eagles onesie and was promptly punched unconscious by the child’s father.

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