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Dancing With The Stars Enters 21st Season, Forced To Use Real Celebrities

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Well, some of them…


three stas from dancing with the stars

Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty (L); Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty (C & R);

It’s miraculous that a show has survived more than two decades with a title that could not be further from the truth. Dancing With The Stars has mostly been “Dancing-With-Someone-Related-To-a-Star-or-Was-Once-On-a-Reality-TV-Show.”

This new season promises to be no different, with vaguely familiar names like Nick Carter, and sad remembrances of your youth like Chaka Khan. Also, throw in some crazed lunatics of tabloids past like Gary Busey. Now that’s a lineup you want to see dance, am I right?

The most interesting aspect of the show has been how quickly an over the hill actor or actress will begin hooking up with a 20- -year-old dance partner, even though they deny it for the first month of the show. In fact, this show has wrecked more marriages than it has had stars on it. That’s actually the new angle for next season’s spinoff, “Dancing With…Which One Is a Homewrecker?”

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