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Darren Wilson, “I Couldn’t Have Done it Without Racism”

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(Photo by St Louis County)

(Photo by St Louis County)

In a statement released following a New Yorker profile centered around him, Darren Wilson thanked racism for affording him the opportunity to kill Mike Brown.

“I know I said a lot of borderline racist things in that New Yorker profile,” remarked the former police officer, “but I want to make something explicitly clear: I owe it all to racism.”

The rest of the statement is available, in full, below.

“If it wasn’t for society’s racial coding of Black men as scary and dangerous, I would have never escalated a potentially harmless situation into a murder.

Without the systemic racism present in the Ferguson Police Department, I would have never believed, correctly, that I could get away with shooting a black person without ever having to face trial

Without collusion from a racist in the prosecutor’s office, I might be in jail today.

Though, I have to admit, it wasn’t just racism that led to the shooting and my ability to live with myself following it. I also have to give a lot of credit for my situation to the heightened sense of self importance and demand for unearned respect that comes with being a police officer.

So thank you to this racist society, and thank you to all the people out there who supported me. I hope to see you all at a whites only establishment sometime soon.”

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