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Dating Site For Aquatic Creatures Ruined by Humans Posing as Catfish

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(Photo by TJF)

Humans have a way of mucking things up for animals.

Our planes turn migrating birds into feather-confetti, we let rich knobs work through their creepy power issues by hunting endangered species, and we occasionally spill a few million barrels of crude into the waters they call home.

This last party-foul has caused problems for fish. One of which is finding a mate when you can’t see 3 feet in front of your face.

But things got better when the all-fish dating site Fins with Benefits came along. It’s been a great tool for finding love in a world that’s less clear, every day. That was, until humans got involved again.

Now an influx of people posing as catfish has fish fearful that their aquatic acquaintances may not be real fish.

“After my last girlfriend got caught by a fisherman, I’ve been trying to find love again. But now, I keep wondering if that cute catfish I’ve been chatting with is actually a human,” said one local trout. “I got a friend who sent this girl travel money so they could meet. The minute the check cleared, he never heard from her again. Turns out the photo she was using was of a famous catfish in Asia. My friend couldn’t tell because we all look alike.”