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Dave From Accounting Won’t Stop Calling it All Hallow’s Eve

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David Watson, an accountant for First Axis, a healthcare consulting company in Alexandria, Virginia, will not stop calling Halloween, “All Hallow’s Eve,” according to other employees of the company.

“Yeah, I guess Dave really got into some kind of wicca or satanist stuff? I don’t know, but he’s just being really annoying about Halloween this year,” said Katie Prond, a receptionist at the firm.

“At the Halloween potluck, he chastised me because my Lisa Simpson costume, offended ‘the dark spirits,’ or something.”

Other members of the company see this as a natural extension of Watson’s typical behavior.

“I’m not surprised he calls it ‘All Hallow’s Eve.’ He’s been talking lame and weird since I started here. I don’t even think he knows my name, he just always calls me ‘M’lady,’ lead researcher Matilda Long told reporters.

Watson was last seen walking throughout the First Axis office building and yelling, “Art thou prepared to dwell amongst the ghouls and demons on All Hallow’s Eve?” Watson was later reprimanded for not completing a single one of his tasks that day. Afterwards, he attempted to put a hex on his boss. The hex was not successful.

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