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Democrats to Clinton: “This is Your 7th and Final Chance. Seriously”

Aug 13, 2015 at 2:57 pm |

“We’re almost about to be (maybe) fed up with her.”

(Photo by shutterstock / getty / Darren McCollester)

Photo by shutterstock/getty/Darren McCollester

Hillary Clinton has begun dropping in the polls following the continued fallout from her use of a personal email account as Secretary of State. Many analysts see this as a clear signal democrats are sending the democratic front runner: “get it together or we might consider not voting for you. Maybe.”

For their part, the Clinton campaign seemed un-phased by the new poll numbers. Campaign manager Robby Mook was quoted as saying, “We have a long term strategy that we’re sticking to and, let’s be serious with ourselves for a minute: there’s no way Hillary Clinton is going to lose to some unknown senator.”

Mook continued, “Besides, we haven’t even started spending this Walmart money yet. Keep taking $40 donations from teachers Bernie, the CEO of Exxon just gave us one of his extra private jets.”

At press time Clinton was 7 points behind her main challenger, New Hampshire Senator Bernie Sanders in his home state, though she still enjoyed a comfortable 30 point lead in national polls. Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley was dead last in those polls, trailing “The Re-Animated Corpse of Richard Nixon” by 2 points.

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“One more slip up and we’re seriously going to consider not voting for you.”

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