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Did Obama Hint at Terrorist Attack at Republican Debate?

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Did an email sent by President Obama hint of a terrorist attack taking place at the GOP debate on Thursday?!

(Photo by Getty / Alex Wong )

(Photo by Getty / Alex Wong )

Well no, actually it just seems like the email he sent to the Democratic National Committee instructs his fellow Democrats to watch the debate.

But still, the question must be asked: did Obama tell Democrats to watch the Debate because there is a planned attack on it?! Does he want Democrats to watch as the republican presidential candidates in attendance die horrible, painful deaths?

It certainly appears not. There’s literally no evidence of that, but, still, you have to admit it would’ve been pretty awesome if he actually was in cahoots with some terrorists and we caught him.

How cool would it have been if he said something like “Trust me, I have a feeling something explosive will take place on that stage?” And then a bunch of patriots with big guns stormed the white house, shot down a bunch of drones and citizen arrested Obama? Unfortunately that’s almost definitely not going to happen.

In conclusion: Obama definitely isn’t not maybe a non-terrorist. Or is he?!