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Did you LIKE The Top Instagram Photos from 2015?

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Did you like any of these photos? Then you’re probably like millions of others because these are the most liked Instagram photos of 2015.

No surprise Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift are at the top, but there’s some other surprises along the way too.


Source: Instagram @selenagomez; @kendalljenner; @taylorswift

Check em out here! Find out if your fave celebs made the cut!


Kendall Jenner’s Heart Shaped Hair

top instagram 01

Source: Instagram @kendalljenner

With over three million likes, Instagram users were in LOVE with this pic, and it was the most liked of all 2015. Did you like it?

Taylor Swift Reveals a Gift From Kanye

top instagram 02

Source: Instagram @taylorswift

Yo Kendall, I’ma let you finish — but Taylor had one of the most liked Instagram photos of all time!