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Diddy Finds Way to Embarrass Son Beyond By Being Called “Diddy”

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diddy is mad

(Photo by Getty / Michael Loccisano)

LOS ANGELES, CA – On Monday, “rapper” P-Diddy was arrested at the UCLA football facility after attacking coaches and interns for being too hard on his son who plays for the Bruins.

The event is unlikely to make things easier for Lil’ Diddy, Justin Dior Combs.

Having a rapper for a dad is cool. Having a dad who used to be a rapper but is now a belligerent, vest wearing, helicopter parent fighting coaches and screaming about how unfair life is for a millionaire celebrity teen athlete, however, is not. Especially when said parent was caught on camera waving around a kettle bell like some unhinged meth-fueled Cross-Fit maniac.

But Diddy’s daddy deficiencies could provide Puff Jr. with one of the few things money cannot: humility. If this embarrassing incident makes him hesitate even a split second before referring to himself in the third person, Mr. Puffy’s spectacular meltdown will have been worth it.

For everyone not in the Diddy family, the event has already been well worth it as the spectacular headlines have provided much needed sustenance in the barren football offseason.

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