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Dodge Releases Disturbing New Commercial for Minivan

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“The perfect van to start a family.”

(Photo by YouTube / i8thacookies)

(Photo by YouTube / i8thacookies)

The latest commercial for Dodge’s Caravan is quite disturbing. In the extended 4 minute advertisement, a woman is seen giving birth inside the passenger seat of the van. President of Marketing for Dodge, Timothy Kuniskis, commented, “We wanted to show drivers that there’s a lot more a family can do inside a van.”

The commercial shows a woman in extreme agony who begins to scream, “It’s coming out!” before removing her pants and pulling a 10 pound baby from her womb.

“Most companies show passengers watching DVDs, singing along to music, or enjoying games inside the spacious interior. While our van has all of those options, we also want people to know they can deliver a baby in their vehicle if they needed to,” said Kuniskis who was promptly fired after the commercial was released.

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