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Does Anyone Know How to Make Money Playing Fantasy Football?!

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I would love to make some extra cash…


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Does anyone know how to make money playing fantasy football? Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally respect playing something for “the love of the game.” That’s why most football players accept modest salaries, because they love the game.

I love football, but even more, I love fantasy football. The trouble is, I get really excited when I get to pick my players in the beginning of the season, but then it’s a season long commitment, and it makes it hard to stay focused. I wish there was a place that I didn’t have to make a season long commitment, and instead, I could just make a week long commitment. Where is that?

I would love to make money playing fantasy football, but how is that possible?

People make money doing crazier things. My cousin Albert started selling old oyster shells on the side of the road for $5 a pop. Here’s the thing: he was buying the oysters for $1 each at a local seafood market and eating the oyster inside. He was basically eating for free!

Now I want to do that, but with fantasy football. There’s got a way to make thousands every weekend. Maybe like a website that guys can go, play their friends, and hey win some money along the way. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Wouldn’t it be so cool? They should give you like a bonus discount code, too so that it encourages more people to sign up!

That’s how you do it — you gotta offer people a good discount. See, my cousin also used to lure people into his oyster shell stand on the side of the road by telling them if they came to the shop he’d give them a $1 off every oyster shell he bought. But, dude, that’s still like $3 profit from an oyster shell!

Oh man, if there was a way to make money playing fantasy football, I’d so be in. Know what I would do? I would advertise the hell out of it. Like, never stop. Like hammer that business down people’s throat until they memorized the commercial and were repeating it in their sleep. And then when I thought ever person in the world knew about my sweet new fantasy football website where you could earn REAL cash just for playing, I’d double the commercials.

See my cousin Albert put flyers for his oyster shell stand all over the bulletin board of the local Starbucks and his business went through the roof! Advertising, man, that’s how you do it. Now I don’t watch commercials. You see, I DVR everything and fast forward, but most people don’t do that. But also, most people aren’t earning money playing fantasy football. Why’s that? That would be so cool. Someone should really find a way to make money playing short-term commitment fantasy football. Seriously, that’d be so sweet.

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