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Donald Trump Admits He’s Totally Cool with “Those Dirty, Thieving Mexicans.”

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(Photo by Getty / Andrew H. Walker)

(Photo by Getty / Andrew H. Walker)

Donald Trump has been on a tirade lately, throwing caution to the wind when he talks about immigration on his presidential campaign trail. Lately, Trump has said of immigration from Mexico that “tremendous infectious disease is pouring across the border.” Something many liberals and even some conservatives has found to be a little distasteful. Trump, in turn, has backtracked.

In a statement released by his PR team, he tried to heal the wounds of harsh words:

“Clearly, I did not mean that all Mexicans are incubators of filthy diseases. I only meant to say that ones trying to find a better life in the United States might have ebola. Might. See? Seriously, everyone, I don’t hate the Mexicans. They’re just a naturally dirty, lazy, and thieving people.”

The release didn’t calm the nerves of many people, though Trump is confident that his policy of deporting anyone with skin darker than his toupee will really win crowds.

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