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Drug Sniffing Dog Beginning to Enjoy Smell of Cocaine

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(Photo by iStock / 805promo)

Photo by iStock / 805promo

At the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, trouble for a drug-sniffing dog named Lucas is brewing. The German Shepherd has been coming late to work while being strung out and cranky. His partner, Officer Darrell Bunder, suspects foul play.

“I think Lucas is enjoying his job a little too much. He’s definitely been sniffing harder and longer to find- what he calls- his next fix,” said Officer Bunder.

When we met with Lucas he was scratching himself all over, constantly looking over his shoulders, and sniffing relentlessly. “I was at this party last night, you see? And POW POW POW, all of a sudden, people screaming, I’m running fast as I can out of there, tail between my legs. My heart was beating a mile a minute. That’s why I’m so stressed out, man. Just wish I had something to take the edge off. You party, bro? You party.”

After declining that this reporter parties, Lucas growled and left the office to search the airport for his latest bust.

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