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Dude with Neck Tattoo Probably Very, Very Good at Music

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Refers to himself as a “triple threat.”


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A man with musical notes tattooed on his neck wowed onlookers at a coffee shop in Woodbridge, Virginia yesterday, as they were impressed by his potential musical talent.

“Wow, that guy’s probably good at music,” thought one man sitting in the northern Virginia Starbucks location.

Another woman who was ordering a latte when the tattooed man entered the coffee shop remembers “feeling like that guy was not only good at music, but probably a cool guy to hang out with, too.”

An investigation by the Farce Report has identified the mystery musician as Peter Bower, who is indeed an experienced musician, of many different styles and genres. A Myspace page for the pop punk band “Shut Up Step Dad” indicates he was their bass player, before being kicked out over “creative differences.” Bower then took over 4 months of guitar lessons, before quitting those to focus on EDM.

After DJ’ing a string of successful high school dances and earning rave reviews like, “Oh was there a DJ? I thought someone was playing Skrillex Pandora,” he gave up electronic music. Currently he has a Macklemore haircut and is trying his hand at rapping.

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