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Dumb 7-Year-Old Picks Gerbil as Pet for Some Reason

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(Photo by shutterstock)

Despite her parents allowing her to choose any animal she wanted, the inept 7-year-old Alison Channing selected a gerbil as a pet for some reason.

Upon entering a Chicago area Petsmart this morning, the stupid child who doesn’t know how to pick pets, passed a number of adorable puppies and kitties and sprinted to a cage filled with lazy rodents before squealing “I want that one mommy!” while pointing at a particularly lame looking gerbil.

Frank Channing, not pleased with his daughter decision, said: “Was it disappointing? Yes. Was it surprising? No. Allison has terrible taste, I mean her favorite Disney princess is Sleeping Beauty and everyone knows she’s the worst one– even worse than Belle. This sucks. I wanted a dog.”

At press time, the small idiot was still thrilled with her decision to select a fat rat that stays in a little glass box all day as her animal companion.