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Emails Reveal Clinton Can’t Wait to Ignore Black Lives

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“Over it.”

(Photo by YouTube)

Photo by YouTube

Emails revealed today that Hillary Clinton is not super psyched about the whole Black Lives Matter movement. Bad timing as just the other day, she was approached by Black Lives Matter members and asked questions on racial tensions in America. While Clinton politely listened and responded to each participant, the emails revealed this week by FBI show a different side of Clinton.

“I can’t wait to be President, Bill, then we can go on ignoring these racial issues. Hell, as soon as Bernie is out of the picture we can stop talking about it, because we all know Republicans don’t care about blacks lol.

“Listen, I talked to Jeb last night at our timeshare and he said no matter who wins, him or me, (we all know it’s gonna be me!! H-QUEEN in DA HOUSE) that we can go on ignoring racial issues. Which is great because, to be honest, it’s all a little boring to me. I mean, what about my life? Does my life not matter?”

The email went on with Hillary planning her inauguration ceremony and chatting about yoga and being a grandmother, but who wants to see that?

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