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Emotional 5 Year Old Prepares to Annoy Friends and Family For Rest of Her Life

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(Photo by YouTube / Noel Grace)

It’s heartwarming to see a child make revelations about life and its colorful surprises. For example, this 5 year old found out what meat was made of: dead animals. So, she decided she wanted to be a vegetarian and annoy her friends and family for the rest of her life.

Watch as the girl on the video decides eating meat is wrong, and she’d rather make it an inconvenience for her family to provide her with vegetarian dishes even though the rest of the family eats meat.

The Farce can’t help but think of the years of ridicule she’ll receive through school, the rolling eyes of teachers, and the consistent hunger in her belly that, at the age of 9, will ultimately turn her back into a meat eater.

Until, of course, she meets a ‘free spirit’ named Lance in college that will help her see the souls of animals and once again bring her back to vegetarianism. That is, until Lance sleeps with her best friend for six months while she’s studying abroad. Then, she’ll return to eating meat because “revenge tastes so good.”

Years will pass, she’ll meet Chad, a nice man but lacking of the emotional thunder that Lance so lovingly had. They’ll have a child, (let’s name him James). Five years down the line, she’ll watch as he pokes his chicken tenders. He’ll ask what they’re made of. She’ll look desperately into his eyes, and remember that one evening 30 some years ago and answer, “Vegetables, now eat your dinner and shutup.”