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Enjoy These Redneck Snacks

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Well, hot dog! When I want a delicious snack, I’m not looking for the old Monopoly guy to cook me up something good, I’m asking Colonel Sanders and Count Chocula. I want a tasty hillbilly snack, with as much cheese, chips, and hot dogs as possible. Don’t forget the bacon, too.

Well these clever rednecks outdid themselves and made some truly crave-worthy snacks that will make even the most uptight liberal’s mouth water.



Start the slideshow below to eat like a redneck king!


Bacon sushi


Source: Imgur @therealKenM

Damn! This looks yum as all hell. I got no time for raw fish, I want crispy and tasty bacon.

Garlic Bread



That’s using your head right there. Hot dog buns with butter and garlic powder and spaghetti sandwich gets done.