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(Photo by iStock / claudiaveja)

(Photo by iStock / claudiaveja)

Jim Whitehead has waited for his chance at ESPN to make an impression. Finally, during the recent holiday weekend, he was given a chance to host Sportscenter.

“All you want is that shot to be seen, and for your catchphrase to be an overnight sensation,” Jim smiled. “Woofy-Doo was ready for the national spotlight.”

But it seems that the nation was not ready for “Woofy- Doo!” which is Jim’s catch-phase. They definitely weren’t ready to hear it 97 times.

Co-anchor Alvin James said it was like watching a car accident, spill into a gas truck, causing a huge explosion. “I honestly had no idea what he was saying. I mean I didn’t know if saying Woofy-doo was some type of OCD or if he had turrets. He said it for every home run, every slam dunk. I mean variety is the key to life. Repetition is the key to annoyance.”

After being escorted off the ESPN lot, Whitehead said he has no regrets. “My goal was to make an impression. I hope Woofy-Doo lives on, or people discover Woofy-Doo on youtube. I mean, it could be the next Boom Goes The Dynamite!”

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