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Everyone Still Aware That Christine is Vegan

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Vegan girl

No surprise, Christine is “such a yoga-head.”(Photo by GekaSkr / SolStock)

SANTA ROSA, CA – “Okay, we get it, Christine, you don’t eat meat, we heard you.” This was the phrase that seemed to be repeated at least a dozen times at The Whiskey Tip, a local Santa Rosa bar and restaurant, where Christine Delehan had joined family and friends for a night of food and drinks.

It’s no surprise to any of her friends that Christine can’t eat about 90% of the menu items the restaurant has to offer. The 26-year-old has been vegan since she started college, where she first learned about animal cruelty. “What’s cruel,” said a long-time friend of Christine, “Is having to hear Christine remind us, over and over, that she’s vegan. I mean, we’re animals too – why does she choose to torture us like this?”

A few of Christine’s family members that gathered around the bar all agreed, they had no problem with Christine’s choice, in fact, they admired her for it. When she first told them, they all congratulated her commitment. “But now, I want to see her crack, I want to revel in her failure,” said her father.

“You guys!” shouted Christine with a big smile, “I can’t eat anything here…” the crowd waited, “…because I’m vegan!”

Several friends turned toward each other as one whispered, “Then why did she choose this place for her birthday?”