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#FeeltheBern Hashtag Not Just for People with Crabs Anymore

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Not just crab-addled adults #FeeltheBern these days.

(Photo by Getty / Charlie Leight / Stringer)

(Photo by Getty / Charlie Leight / Stringer)

A new social media trend has risen from the depths of socialism. Bernie Sanders, the once socialist turned very far left politician is becoming more popular than Kim Kardashian’s back side. Partly due to the support from a younger generation of voters looking to rid the White House of familiar faces and fill it with a man that looks like the Crypt Keeper before he died.

Supporters are ecstatic that the hashtag #FeeltheBern is making waves, as are people with crabs. The STD voted most likely to be spread by PopEye the sailor, had controlled #FeeltheBern for years. The more popular #FeeltheBurn had too many fit men and women working out for crab-addled patients to endure. Now the STD-ridden social media users are happy they have such positive messages coming through their feeds.

“Happy to #FeeltheBern!” one user tweeted, which excited one itchy 42-year-old who’s had crabs for months. “It’s just nice to see other people enjoying crabs as much as I do,” he said.