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Forget Syria… Is This Leo DiCaprio’s Lookalike?

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Leo lookalike

Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty; Instagram @konradannerud

Wow! Can you believe this — there’s a guy that looks like a celebrity we all know. In other news, U.S. is sending troops to Syria, BUT WHO CARES? This guy looks like Leonardo DiCaprio! Is that like, insane or what?

Seriously, I for one second, was kind of worried about this whole Syria thing because it is American lives at stake and all, but hold on! This guy who lives in Sweden or something looks JUST like Leo. I mean, I was getting a little tired of looking at photos of Leonardo DiCaprio, but now I have a whole new appreciation for it. Because look, this guy looks just like him. It’s creepy how much he looks like him.

Man, I was really bummed today about the whole Syria thing because it’s like, what if American soldiers die for reasons I can barely comprehend? Like, should we be there? Is it worth our time? I was getting ready to really think about this issue, too. I even typed ‘Syria’ into my Google search and then was like “HOLD UP,” because I checked my Facebook, and “HOLY COW, THAT GUY LOOKS JUST LIKE LEO!”

Honestly I’m not even a fan of Leo, but how could you not want to look at someone that looks like someone you see all the time? How could you not!?

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