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Former B-Movie Child Star’s Depressing New Job

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Yer a loser, Harry


(Photo by YouTube / NYLONG Magazine)

This week, Daniel Radcliffe came out of hiding to reveal his sad decline into poverty. The former star, best known for his roles in the B-movie series Harry Potter, was starting to see his new role as a receptionist at a small, unknown magazine publication.

The actor, whose career has been a straight shot to the bottom since the first Harry Potter movie debuted, has had trouble lately finding any kind of new gig. The movie, which was based off a crudely written novel, received scathing reviews and has one of the lowest Rotten Tomatoes ratings ever, right next to Click, The Cobbler, and all other Adam Sandler films. Reason enough for Radcliffe to never nab and acting role again.

Now, the truth came out that Radcliffe had to quit acting altogether and focus on a new job as secretary. This hidden camera footage finds him doing a terrible job. I guess he’s as bad of a receptionist as an actor.

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