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Fox Greenlights ‘Celebrity Assisted Suicide’

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Ratings expected to kill.


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Credit: David Buchan/Getty Images; Mike Coppola /Getty Images; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

Fox is taking full advantage of the passage of legal, assisted suicide in the state of California, by greenlighting a new reality TV program slated to premier in early 2016: Celebrity Assisted Suicide.

The program will feature 8 former stars taking part in a series of competitions to prove their post-fame lives are the saddest. The winner will earn the right to commit suicide live on national television.

Robert Van Winkle, better known by his stage name, Vanilla Ice, is thrilled to be taking part in the competition. “There’s nothing better for a musician than death. When MJ died, sales of Thriller went through the roof. If I die—on TV!—‘Ice Ice Baby’ might hit number one again!”

In addition to Mr. Ice, the first season will feature Paula Abdul, Screech from Saved by the Bell, Frank Stallone, Alf, telephone psychic Miss Cleo, the guy that wore the motion capture suit for Jar Jar Binks and former UN secretary Kofi Annan.

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