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Future Misogynist Accepted to Top 8 Party Schools

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“I’m going to choose the school that helps me become the best douche I can be.”

(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

Excitement stirred this week when teen, Kwasi Enin, was accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools in America, announcing his choice in a press conference. However, in other school news, a future misogynist Brandon Tenner was accepted to the top 8 party schools in America. The visor-wearing a**hole now has a big choice on his hands: which party school will make him the biggest jerk possible?

“It’s a hard decision, I’ve heard about a lot of seriously misogynistic actions going down at Miami U, but I’m not much one for the heat. However, I do love a broad in a bikini,” said Tenner before high-fiving his best friend Cody. “But I’m also concerned with my education, bro, so I need to choose a school that can teach me how to keg stand and slam beers like a pro, especially if I plan to later become an alcoholic and abuse my wife and kids.”

Looks like the decision isn’t as easy for Tenner as it was for Enin. Hopefully he chooses correctly, we’d hate to see him get through college without at least one sexual assault allegation if not conviction.

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