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Gay People Outraged by New Kohl’s Commercial

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Source: Twitter @Kohls

A new commercial for department retailer Kohl’s, which prominently features a young, gay couple, has drawn the ire of the gay community, for insinuating that gay men shop at Kohl’s. A statement released by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation condemned the commercials, calling it a transparent attempt at using the stereotype that gay men are fashionable to boost the profile of a store that is “little more than K-Mart with cardigans.”

Local gay man Matt Hall told reporters that, while he “appreciated the sentiment” he would rather “come out to [his] conservative, evangelical preacher father again” than be forced to shop at Kohl’s.

Alphonse Graham, a similarly gay man, disagreed with Hall’s sentiment saying “I think Kohl’s is actually kinda nice — fancy even.” It should be noted that an investigation conducted by the Farce Report concluded that, despite having an active Grindr profile, Graham had not hooked up since downloading the app 2 years ago, leading to some speculation that he is a gay loser and, thus, his opinions on the matter are invalid.

At press time, GLAAD was lobbying “Macy’s or at least J. Crew” to include gays in their next ad, while the lesbian contingent of the organization was holding out for some representation from Home Depot or Ace Hardware.

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