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George R. R. Martin Ditches Twitter, 140 Characters Too Limiting

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There’s one less-bearded oddball on Twitter today.

Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin is known for his sprawling novels teaming with lore, tremendous blood-loss, and a few thousand characters per chapter. So it came as no surprise when Twitter’s 140 character limit proved too constricting for the king of fantasy.

Martin’s last tweet was a perfect microcosm of his doomed relationship with the site:

“@DragonGeorgie: In a cold cottage beside Jersey’s dark, churning seas, nine Doritos Loco Tacos stared into the open mouth of death. Streaks of red Fire Sauc”

He fared no better on Facebook. Martin was banned after each of his first 29 posts depicted elaborate fight scenes between Mark Zuckerberg and Arya Stark – all of which ended with Zuckerberg’s slow death.