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Geraldo Called “Sensationalist” and Starts Fight in Response

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(Photo by Youtube / YouHitNews)

(Photo by Youtube / YouHitNews)

LOS ANGELES – America’s favorite “news” channel got a little heated when the man beneath Geraldo’s moustache threatened a cohost with violence.

During the FOX News show Double-Barreled Opinion Eagles, guest Kurt Manhammer made the near-fatal mistake of calling Geraldo Rivera a “sensationalist” To disprove this, Geraldo said he’d “knock the fillings out” of Manhammer’s “ham-brick of a head” and “sell them for sex pills”

The show’s host, a woman referred to only as “Sweetie,” begged producers to cut to commercial, but the damage was done.

When asked about the incident, Mr. Manhammer said, “The guy looks like a meth-fueled monocle salesman in his Dad’s suit… not the kind of guy you want wildly flailing at you and possibly touching your face… everyone knows Geraldo doesn’t wash his hands.”

The Farce Report reached out to Geraldo for comment, but was told the whiskered pundit was in Las Vegas working with a team of sky writers who would scrawl a message in the sky that would show people just how not sensational he really was.

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