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Get Sexucated with the Help of Nick Offerman

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(Photo by YouTube / LastWeekTonight)

(Photo by YouTube / LastWeekTonight)

The birds and the bees, am I right? When I was a kid, I learned someone’s a bird and someone’s a bee and that’s how you get honey. Right? Kind of? Wrong?

Crap, I don’t know.

And that’s the trouble, many states and schools limit what teachers are allowed to say and how far they can go with sexual education. Some people learn about birds and bees, others learn any type of copulation will make you melt into a puddle of STDs.

So while some of our children learn how to properly have sex and get the proper education, some are given awful advice that’s risking our children’s health.

For more on this issue, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, asked Nick Offerman, Kristen Schaal, and more to help educate us. SHARE with your children and friends!

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