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Girls with Gluten: See These Hot Girls Before They’re Obese

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(Photo by Instagram / Girls with Gluten)

A new Instagram has taken the internet by storm. Girls with Gluten shows attractive women with the greasy, breaded foods that will ultimately make them sad and fat.

Supported by celebrities and self-obsessed girls all over the world, Girls with Gluten personifies delicious foods as more than just snacks, but friends and romantic partners. This isn’t a fair representation of what these foods will be twenty, thirty years down the line, when many of these women let themselves go, gain a few dozen pounds, and find solace in a sugar highs and reruns of HBO’s Girls.

Instagram rejects the notion that only men can eat junk food and that women should be eating salads. We at Farce support that men and women should both be allowed to eat whatever they want — they just need to be prepared for, after years of eating high-carb food, to look like this:

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